Serving rural communities in Gujarat during the time of Covid-19.

During these trying times, Minds foundation field clinical psychologist Mr Baldev Singh continue to provide services to Minds rural community mentally ill patients. We constantly following up with active mental patients with varied conditions. Helping patients with anxiety, stress, restlessness and other general health related concerns. Through phone and WhatsApp, we are sharing Govt. And... Continue Reading →

Collaboration, mental health services expansion!

The MINDS Foundation did a partnership with Ahmedabad, Gujarat based HERVA Foundation. Herva is focused on rural health services, education and women welfare.  This new partnership will create access for MINDS Foundation to disseminate mental health education to farther rural villages of North Gujarat. Memorandum of Understanding was signed in November 2019, that includes sharing... Continue Reading →

World Mental Health Month October 2018

World Mental Health Month's theme for 2018 was 'Mental Health In Youth and Suicide Prevention', India is highest in youth suicide in the world and major cause is mental illness connected with emotional and relational changes in the youth / adolescents. Impulsive suicide is second largest cause for death in India among youth. Through research... Continue Reading →

MINDS Pays a Visit to Patient in Bahadarpur Village

          MINDS program director Amul Joshi and summer fellow Abigail Warren travelled to the district of Chhota Udepur, Gujarat to visit a number of villagers who had been sought out and treated by MINDS staff. The ride to the villages was long, but scenic and luckily the rain held off until... Continue Reading →

Vadodara Students Participate in Mental Health and Emotional Management Workshop

On Wednesday, July 4th, summer fellow Abigail Warren and social worker Foram Chaudbry went to The Bright Day School in Vadodara to deliver a presentation they have curated to 40 eighth grade students. By educating the students on mental health and emotional management, Warren hopes to make it easier for students to realize that it’s... Continue Reading →

“Suicide Perceptions among adolescents” a comprehensive research study.

Masters of public health students Ms. Chloe Deflorimonte and Ms. Vaidehi Jokhakar along with their external guide Dr. Elizabeth Viscegllia from Mount Sinai Hospital, New York. The research study aims to understand attitudes towards mental health and suicide perception among adolescents in Gujarat. The research fellows came to The MINDS Foundation Vadodara Site and will... Continue Reading →

Patient Identification and treatment referrals

The MINDS Foundation Vadodara team had conducted a School Mental Health Awareness Programme in Darapura Primary School in December 2017, and after this awareness program one of the teachers of primary school had referred one patient to our organisation who is suffering from mental illness. The age of the patient is 42 and he lives... Continue Reading →

How to manage post board exam stress and anxiety!

We get lot of support services and information about preparing for board exams nicely. But not much aware of the issues after the board exams. These post board exam stress and anxiety issues are common among students and many of them gets longer deal with overcoming this emotional and mental conditions.  We have plenty of... Continue Reading →

Community Mental Health Awareness in Rural area – A Challenge!

The MINDS Foundation has developed five year strategic plan after it's board meeting held in January 2018 at Mumbai before Trustees and Promoters. Inline with commitment shown to the MINDS Board and brought out a vision for the foundation. A time-line document has been developed, which is a target based interventions with particular tasks in... Continue Reading →

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