World Mental Health Month October 2018

World Mental Health Month’s theme for 2018 was ‘Mental Health In Youth and Suicide Prevention’, India is highest in youth suicide in the world and major cause is mental illness connected with emotional and relational changes in the youth / adolescents. Impulsive suicide is second largest cause for death in India among youth.

Through research conducted by Ministry of Health, Govt. of India multiple factors affects youth mental health and gender specific issues were also been observed. Self Image, romantic relationship, peer pressure, educational boredom, addiction and depression are the leading cause of mental health issues in youth of India.

At, the MINDS foundation we are focused on these issues and lined up our mental health awareness program for this year youth and adolescent specific. at our field intervention areas we have collaborated with local Govt. Hospital and Psychiatry departments to reach out to general public and create mental health awareness particularly in youth and adolescents.

We at MINDS Foundation, begun with conducting school mental health awareness program at grassroots and interior Taluka and Villages of our intervention area in Gujarat India.

In the Month of October 2018, we were able to reach out to 1100 students in schools and 200 health workers and 240 Nursing students. Our Program Director was honored for the mental health session by H.o.D psychiatry – Govt. General Hospital – Bhavnagar Dr. Bharat Panchal.



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