“Suicide Perceptions among adolescents” a comprehensive research study.

Masters of public health students Ms. Chloe Deflorimonte and Ms. Vaidehi Jokhakar along with their external guide Dr. Elizabeth Viscegllia from Mount Sinai Hospital, New York. The research study aims to understand attitudes towards mental health and suicide perception among adolescents in Gujarat.

The research fellows came to The MINDS Foundation Vadodara Site and will stay at the facility for eight weeks starting from June 22nd, 2018.

The objective of the study is to understand perceptions of suicide in students and to provide emergency response to students who were found with mental health issues through this study. The study consists of formal questionnaire filling for participants and a semi-structured interview with individual students to understand more about their mental health needs and preventive ideas for suicidal idealization.

The outcome of the research will help The MINDS Foundation develop a need based program regarding mental health awareness in communities that we are currently working with. Also, this research would not be possible without our third academic partner GMERS Gotri General Hospital Vadodara, Dept. of Psychiatry and we are particularly thankful for Dr. Sandip Shah H.O.D dept of Psychiatry to provide an ethics approval in very short time and with special provisions.




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