Patient Identification and treatment referrals

The MINDS Foundation Vadodara team had conducted a School Mental Health Awareness Programme in Darapura Primary School in December 2017, and after this awareness program one of the teachers of primary school had referred one patient to our organisation who is suffering from mental illness. The age of the patient is 42 and he lives in Anand district. He has been taking a treatment and medicine from Gotri hospital since January2018.

The MINDS Vadodara team is having a good rapport with the family members of this patient and also had a deep conversation with the mother of the patient. The patient is having the mental illness from past 15-16 years, and also previously he was going to the private doctor but because of too much expense they started coming to the Gotri hospital, Vadodara through MINDS Foundation. According to his mother  the genesis behind the patient’s mental illness was his marital life and family problems, she believes that because of his wife he used to get aggressive so that is why the patient divorced with his wife and again he got married with another woman.

The patient’s mental condition has very much improved as he is on medication and treatment from last 3 months. The patient and his mother regularly visit the Gotri hospital every month to meet the doctor and for medicines.


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