How to manage post board exam stress and anxiety!

We get lot of support services and information about preparing for board exams nicely. But not much aware of the issues after the board exams. These post board exam stress and anxiety issues are common among students and many of them gets longer deal with overcoming this emotional and mental conditions. 

We have plenty of information and guidelines being released by the education board. We do participate in counseling and guidance sessions for excellent exam preparations and try to give our best. As parents its quite obvious to prioritize student’s exam schedule and focused on student’s sleeping, eating and reading routines. We encourage our child to give more push for reading and memorizing the subjects and try to look in to IMPs. However, we do not pay attention to child’s overall physical and mental well-being during the exam period.

These stimulated or say very controlled environment created burnout situations for students and that leads them with different vulnerabilities. Mental health issues of board examiners often seen as excuse, less preparation for scoring subject or lack of sincerity and hard-work for the exam. However, these kinds of mindset and attitudes of the parents, peers and siblings towards child affects the overall mental health and leads to greater risk of depression, anxiety or common stress.

We are all well aware that, not immediately after the exams but in nearer time when the results are about to announce. Students with severe mental health conditions commits suicide, tries to commit suicide, makes escape plan, gets severely ill with no actual symptoms, tries to harm themselves with sharp objects or simply run away from home. And students do it even before the result is not declared, because of POST EXAM STRESS and MENTAL HEALTH CONDITIONS.


Following are some of the important tips as Do’s and Don’ts for students and parents to cope up with post exam stress.

Do not – Search for answers in your notes after an exam, looking for corrections:

This is what normally students do just after their exam was over and look into their notes to compare their exam wrote-ups / MCQ answers with actual or correct answers to compare. Particularly for scoring subjects like maths, chemistry or physics, accounting and for language papers, students tries to review what they will score based on their performance in exam. Around 15% to 25% of this comparative reviews are incorrect and doesn’t match with actual exam paper performance. Also, it only increase stress and anxiety for those students who find their answer wrong, half-written and assumed to be incorrect. These kind of issues are quite common with language, theoretic papers. Instead searching for answers students should have a positive discussion among group of friends and feel confident about what they have written and should focus on next steps and should engage themselves in some routine or vacation activities. To stay away from repetitive thoughts on bad exam performance or assumptions that creates more stress.

Do – engage your self in activities you enjoy as a part of break from study, holiday or vacation!

By putting yourself in to some enjoyable activity, you will gain energy and enthusiasm our of your past routine of tight reading and exam preparations. More of a physical activity like playing favourite game for few hours a week, listening to favourite music, doing arts and crafts, getting off to some new locations, travelling and exploring will boost your inner as well as outer personality. Will ease your mental and physical burnouts that you had faced during exam times. While doing self enjoyment activities, we insist to give enough time for meditation and yoga, at least 30 minutes a day for mediation and few ASANAS of Yoga will help develop better physical and mental posture. Particularly, for those students who are already having mental health issues, depression or mood disorders, anxiety issues will get relief.

Do Not – doubt on your abilities and do not limit by your last exam performance!

Always remember and believe that, there’s always a fair chance and an opportunity again where you will be able to perform well / excellent. You should not loose hope for the some portion of the exam you were not able to write properly or missed. You can not change your past but you can correct your present and can be ready for your future for next bit of challenge in life. One shall not doubt its abilities, by just board exam. Board examination is one stage of life and you either do it well or look for next stage do do better. Creating doubts on our own because of other’s negative perception or comments is harmful. Instead one should create optimism by exam performance and should appraise and appreciate for doing well.

Do – begin doing routine exercise, keep away from toxic (-Ve) people and talks.

Start helping you family, help your mother in housekeeping, help your father in grocery shopping. Help your siblings in doing housework or other co-curricular work. keep yourself busy with some productive activity by end of day. This will help you keep up the routine and will give you good sleep.

keep away from people who scare you, feel you uncomfortable about your exam or about exam results. Do not share your exam experience, your performance before toxic or negative people, as their views and comments will make you disturbed and if you are already having stress or anxiety issues it will increase your mental health problems. Instead spend time with people who inspired you, let you feel proud of yourself and have faith in your ability.

Wish best for the board results this summer…

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