Mental Health Service Expansion…

Year 2017-2018 is a value edition to The MINDS Foundation’s mental health philosophy. The Foundation was successfully able to do expansion of its mental health interventions in to other districts of the Gujarat.

School mental health education for adolescents and teachers was launched in mid 2017, and successfully reached to 24 schools of Bhavnagar District provided mental health education to 3900 students and 370 Teachers.


Post school exams and summer vacation of 2018, the MINDS Foundation team aims to reach more semi-urban and rural area schools across Bhavnagar and Amreli District. Further to this intervention the MINDS Foundation has got opportunity to work with the Sir T. General Hospital’s Dept. of Psychiatry Doctors. Who will work closely with the field team in organizing mental health awareness camp in communities and will provide necessary adherence for the treatment. This collaboration is also expected to get strong and supportive to work on different mental health service model that helps the different and unique needs of the people, patient and different age groups.

The MINDS Foundation also anticipating partnership in south Gujarat area with some of the like minded organisation and mental health foundations as a part of expansion.

For more updates do visit our website and keep reading newer blogs on the MINDS foundation developments.


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