Community Mental Health Awareness in Rural area – A Challenge!

The MINDS Foundation has developed five year strategic plan after it’s board meeting held in January 2018 at Mumbai before Trustees and Promoters. Inline with commitment shown to the MINDS Board and brought out a vision for the foundation. A time-line document has been developed, which is a target based interventions with particular tasks in each program.

For 2018, the MINDS Foundation aims to reach 125 rural villages, communities and clusters to address mental health issues among general population. Through our essential mental health interventions we want to provide access to care to rural households. For this we have recently conducted our this year’s first two sessions of community mental health awareness. At village Darjipura and Fatehpura of Padra Taluka of Vadodara District.

This indeed a challenging tasks to provide mental health education to village communities. It all starts with round of visits, rapport building with leading stakeholders of the villages, creating resources, providing strong introduction and information about the MINDS Foundation and program objectives. After scheduling a date and time, it’s not a sure that the people will come-up to participate due to stigma around mental health and also ignorance of this important issue. So after the invitation, the field staff has to make sure they are meeting each and every household of the village and invite them to participate in the awareness program.

The mental health awareness program includes, 30 minutes of the presentation on mental health awareness covering variety of subject / topic and 30 minutes of the video play (showing a mental health education movie and a story of a adolescent get mental health issues and overcome of it with proper treatment and care).

Our recent experience at village Darjipura and Fatehpura gave us confident that there is lot more to do to reach more communities as possible and provide them quality knowledge about mental health and develop resource for care and treatment.


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