Continual Mental Health Interventions…

The Mental Health improvements initiative in community and schools are leading program the MINDS Foundation is delivering to reduce the stigma and discrimination around mental health and people suffering from mental illness.

Students, are more vulnerable to mental health issues due to variety of reasons, be it hormonal changes, puberty period, educational boredom, peers pressure, social and family life issues and self image, romantic relationship issues.

The School Mental Health Education Programs of the MINDS foundation helps adolescents (students) to understand factors affecting mental health and breaking the stigma around it. The program delivery imparts knowledge on how the stress, anxiety and depression can be reduced with right help, talking about mental illness and one’s feelings and asking for help. The program encourages students to stop bullying and treat children with special need / their colleague equally and with empathetic support.

Educational, personal and personality related counseling also been provided during the school mental health education programs. sharing herewith the recent program details that held at Talsat Village, in Vadodara District of Gujarat. MINDS dedicated field social worker’s have delivered the program using sensitization and strong appealing skills to eradicate mental health misconception from students and ensured teachers to be torch bearing person to help student in difficult circumstances to address mental health and provide with counseling and treatment.

will continue with more positive stories from the field….


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