School Education Programs This Week!

This past week, MINDS began work on our Live, Love, Laugh collaboration in school programming.We have been putting together and editing English and Gujarati presentational Powerpoints geared towards both primary and secondary school children. In these presentations MINDS staff and GROW interns will present specifically on the stigma and treatments surrounding anxiety, stress, and depression.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 10.54.40 AM

Anxiety, stress, and depression are relevant to school children due to pressures of school work, hormonal changes, and growing expectations. 6-7% (70 million) of India’s population suffers from mental health concerns, and India has the highest rate of youth suicides. These are facts that cannot be ignored, and that is why MINDS aims to present to as many urban and rural Gujarati schools as possible.

On Monday we went by three urban, English schools to ask permission from their principals to give presentations. The presentations usually last around 45 minutes, and we have made them both interactive and visually stimulating for the children. We will also give pre and post assessments to gage the success of the program and the information gained by the school children. Two of the three schools were extremely receptive to our ask. They understood our mission and the need to present this important information. We should have presentations set up with these two schools within a week or two.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 11.13.24 AM
A slide from the English school presentation

On Tuesday and Wednesday we went to five rural, Gujarati primary and secondary schools in the Waghodiya Taluka to ask their principals’ permission to give Gujarati presentations. The Gujarati presentation is exactly the same as the English presentation, just in Gujarati. All five schools granted their permission, and one school wants us to come back and give a demo presentation before setting up a full one.

Sometimes it’s slow going when out of the city
Gam of Waghodiya

Like the urban schools, we will be scheduling the rural school programs in the next two weeks, so MINDS staff will be extremely busy for the next few weeks giving presentations!

Stay tuned for more!


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